Tide, River Flow and Weather


MCRA insists that our programs be as safe as possible. It is important that rowers,
coaches,and coxswains use care and caution. Safety is above all, our first concern.

Our first obligation is to protect our people, then to protect the equipment. Please take
these guidelines seriously. They are for your protection, and are your personal responsibility.


  • We are blessed with an unusual tidal variation at the Water St boat ramp. Our tide goes out for about 8 hours and comes in for 4 hours. Usual range is 4-5 feet. It does come up quickly.
  • Outgoing tides can increase the current; incoming tides can diminish the current. It is not a big change.
  • Tidal effects can be overwhelmed by high river flow rates.
  • Always hold, secure, or anchor your boat. Removal to the grassy area always works!
  • Regarding both entrances to Merrymeeting Bay: Do NOT attempt 2 hours before or after low tide in an Association boat.
  • Regarding the Cow Island channel: Do NOT attempt 2 hours before or after low tide in an Association boat.

View tidal information for the boatyard.


  • The Androscoggin is subject to seasonal and unexpected changes in flow rate.
  • Learn-to-Row classes will launch subject to coach’s discretion, coaches may decide to cancel the class when river flow exceeds 10,000 cfs.
  • We recommend not launching any boat above 18,000 cfs. Please don’t go out alone at high flows (over 10k).
  • Regarding both entrances to Merrymeeting Bay: If you can hear them, don’t go near them.

Check-out current river flow information.


While Maine is truly Heaven-on-Earth, the weather here is not always kind to rowers.

  • Check the forecast before leaving the house.
  • DO NOT ROW if lightning is expected. If you hear ANY thunder, get to a safe place immediately.
  • Winds over 15 mph are unfavorable to rowers.

Click here for daily Brunswick weather report.

Please Row Safely!