Why row?

Rowing is good for you.

We have to give lip service to all the usual cliches about rowing:

  • “Simply messing about in boats”,
  • “Rowing is good for the heart”, and
  • “Gear & boats honk”.

But, if you think skimming over the water under your own muscle power would be a blast, then ROWING IS FOR YOU!

It’s all about balance, timing and teamwork. Slipping into a boat and rowing solo or with a team develops muscle power, endurance and great friendships. It is a low impact sport, unless of course you feel a need to go faster. All major muscle groups are used and the constant effort produces an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Boats are propelled through the water by pulling on one oar (sweeping) or by pulling two oars (sculling) as a single or in crews of two, four or eight.