Fee Schedule

Coached Sweep Program Rates

Each program consists of 4 sessions of 1.5 hours each.

Class Non-Member Member
Learn to Row $50 (youth ages 13-17)
$100 (adult)
Novice Rowers $100 $50
Experienced/Competitive Rowers $100 $50

Coached Sculling Program Rates

Price is per class of 1.5 hours

Class Non-Member Member
Single $80 $50
Double (per person) $50 $30


Other Fees

Annual   Monthly
Membership Fee $100 (youth 13-17)
$350 (individual)
$550 (family†)
OR $150 (individual)
$225 (family†)
Sustaining Member ☥ $50

All rowers must be paid in full, and must have completed all waivers and forms before that rower can attend a class or row with MCRA equipment.

Use of MCRA boats and the use of specific boats is dependent on skill level, passage of swim or flip tests, or coach sign-off.

Swim tests are required for all rowers, except for those participating in an adult learn-to-row class. SCUBA or lifeguard certification is accepted in lieu of a swim test. Swim tests are required only once per rower (not once per year).  Please see details on the swim test form on the forms page.

All members must pass the safety exam and can take it multiple times to do so. The exam is based on the MCRA Safety Guidelines.

Refunds will not be given for rowing interruptions due to weather or river conditions. MCRA and its coaching staff will make reasonable efforts to reschedule missed classes.

Limited boat storage (for single shells) is available to members for no additional fee. Membership does not guarantee an available spot for boat storage. Please ask a coach or board member for details.

† Family implies primary family members only.

☥ Sustaining membership available for those wishing to support MCRA, but not participate in on-water rowing.